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Paragraf Harnesses Graphene’s Power In Global Microchip Race

Paragraf, a Cambridge-based company co-founded by Simon Thomas, is harnessing the potential of graphene, a 2D form of carbon, to revolutionize technology and compete with global leaders in the microchip industry. Graphene, known as a “super material,” is one atom thick and exhibits exceptional strength, conductivity, and flexibility. Paragraf aims to use graphene in semiconductors, challenging China’s advancements in the microchip sector.

Paragraf’s lab showcases graphene applications, with thin discs and wafer-like structures made of synthetic sapphire and graphene. The company has progressed to producing six-inch wafers housing 9,000 chips each. As graphene is considered a replacement for silicon in semiconductors, it becomes crucial in the global microchip competition.

Simon Thomas emphasizes the importance of the UK staying competitive against China and the US in developing graphene-based technologies. Paragraf, founded in 2017, specializes in mass-producing graphene-based devices, including sensors for electric cars. The company’s biosensors, detecting differences between viral and bacterial infections, have implications for healthcare.

Paragraf’s innovative use of graphene extends beyond the microchip industry, influencing various sectors such as quantum computing, MRI scanners, and consumer technology. The company acquired Cardea Bio, a biosensor firm, to expand its biosensor production capacity and support healthcare applications.

Despite facing challenges and potential takeover interest from China, Paragraf aims to list on the stock market in the next four to five years. Simon Thomas emphasizes the need for government support, both in funding and commitments to talent acquisition, infrastructure development, and international trade, to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of graphene technology.

Graphene’s transformative properties could significantly impact electronics, energy consumption, and manufacturing processes, ushering in a new era of technological advancements led by companies like Paragraf.

Grapheal is another innovative company that uses graphene as its prime material. A CES 2022 Innovation Awards recipient the startup develops unique embedded, flexible, and portable digital sensors, learn more on the website.

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