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MetaImmuneTech’s CELLYTICS_NK: Accelerating Immune System Diagnostics

MetaImmuneTech is a bio company that several treatments for conditions such as obesity or cancer, but at CES 2024 the company is presenting its CELLYTICS_NK immunity diagnosis solution. MetaImmuneTech has two main business activities with the first being the Immune Functional Assays (testing service) and the second is the development of natural-based drugs and foods.

The CELLYTICS_NK immunity diagnosis solution is designed to measure NK (Natural Killer) cell activity in patients quickly and cost-efficiently. Natural Killer (NK) cells are a type of lymphocyte, which is a white blood cell involved in the immune system. NK cells play a crucial role in the body’s defense against viruses and cancer.

In addition to their direct cytotoxic activity, NK cells also regulate other immune responses. They release signalling molecules, such as cytokines, that help coordinate and modulate the immune system’s activity. NK cells are a vital component of the body’s defense mechanisms.

The need for such systems is growing as more and more patients receive cancer therapy based on their immune system (immunotherapy), and the diagnosis provides insights into NK cell activity (or lack of it). Keep in mind that the NK cells “activity level” is not related to their “numbers.”

CELLYTICS_NK is based on a lens-free shadow imaging technology. At the top of the imaging system, an LED light illuminates a sample. Below the sample, a sensor captures the images of the sample that contains cells.

MetaImmuneTech says its solution allows the sample to be processed within two hours, while previous solutions might have taken days instead. When the data is ready, the solution uses machine learning to analyze the captured images and produce an analysis (complete blood count, for example). It’s completely automated, and no experts or technicians are required, which means this could be done at the point of care.

The business model is quite straightforward: MetaImmuneTech wants to demonstrate a clear productivity advantage to entice customers. From there, devices and consumable sales drive the hardware aspect of the business.

At the same time, analytical services, software customizations/upgrades, research partnerships, and intellectual property licensing are the intangible aspects of the company. That’s impressive for a company that was established only in 2021.

Nevertheless, the ultimate benchmark for any medical/health company will be its social impact on medical outcomes, so let’s see what statistics MetaImmuneTech can show us in the near future.

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