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Updates From Deadpool 3, Doctor Who, and More

James Wan wants to return to horror again after Aquaman 2. Jennifer Love Hewitt would be down for more I Know What You Did Last Summer. Plus, what’s coming on Rick & Morty’s season finale, and the last episode of Archer. To me, my spoilers!

Deadpool 3

During a recent interview with Josh Wildling of Comic Book Movie, Morena Baccarin confirmed Vanessa Carlyle returns for Deadpool 3, hinting at a “fun surprise” in store for fans of her superhero alter ego, Copycat.

I finished my shooting days on it already, I think filming is back on again after the strike, and I think it’s going to be quite good! I think fans are in for a fun surprise.

Superman: Legacy/Gods and Monsters: Chapter One

James Gunn told a fan on Threads he has “no idea” why Peacemaker’s Emilia Harcourt and John Economonos were seen recruiting for the JLA at the end of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, casting doubt on whether the post-credit scene will ever be paid off.

It wasn’t my call and I didn’t write it – although it came out when I had just started at DC, its inclusion far predates me as (as does Harcourt as the warden of an underwater prison!), and, although I thought it was fun, I have no idea why those characters would be recruiting for the JS.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

During her recent appearance on the Inside of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum (via Bloody-Disgusting), Jennifer Love Hewitt stated she’d “for sure” return for another I Know What You Did Last Summer movie.

I loved making those movies. I’d do it. For sure.

Untitled James Wan Project

During a recent interview with Collider, James Wan stated the “itch for horror” is once again “potentially calling” him away from big-budget films like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

You know, I have a tendency to want to go back and forth. So, whenever I make a smaller film, I wanna go and make a big film. Whenever I’m doing a big one, I’m like, ‘Oh, I wanna go and do a smaller film,’ and when I do my smaller films, it tends to be a horror film. So, you know, I feel like the itch for horror is potentially calling, but we’ll see.

Silver and the Book of Dreams

Teenagers learn to enter each other’s dreams in the trailer for Silver and the Book of Dreams, a film adaptation of Kerstin Gier’s bestselling novel trilogy now streaming on Amazon.

Silver – Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Tiger’s Apprentice

Elsewhere, a teenager must befriend all twelves signs of the Zodiac in order to defeat an ancient evil in the trailer for The Tiger’s Apprentice, coming to Paramount+ this February 2.

The Tiger’s Apprentice Teaser Trailer (2024)

The Ghost Station

Following a deadly accident at a train station, a reporter learns her source was legally dead at the time of their interview in the trailer for The Ghost Station, coming to Digital, DVD and Blu-ray December 19.

THE GHOST STATION Official Trailer | KIM Bo-Ra, KIM Jae-Hyun & SHIN So-Yul

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Keiko and Lee attend a military ball in the synopsis for “Terrifying Miracles,” the sixth episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Shaw finds an unlikely ally within Monarch as the team has a harrowing run-in. Keiko and Lee grow closer while at a military ball.

[Spoiler TV]

A Murder at the End of the World

The killer may-or-may-not be revealed according to the synopsis for “Retreat,” the seventh episode of A Murder at the End of the World.

The remaining guests gather and discover the killer among them.

[Spoiler TV]

Doctor Who

Musical goblins prepare a sacrificial baby for their king in a new clip from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.

The Goblin Song – Official Lyric Video | The Church on Ruby Road | Doctor Who

Archer: Into the Cold

Slater tortures Archer in a new trailer for his series finale, Into the Cold.

Archer: Into The Cold | S14 Finale Event Teaser – A Sizzling Climax | FX

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty visit “the scariest place in the galaxy” in the trailer for next week’s season finale, “Fear No Mort.”

[adult swim] – Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 10 Promo

La Brea

Finally, NBC has released a trailer for the last six episodes of La Brea.

The Final Journey Begins | La Brea | NBC

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